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  • Provincial Deputy Director of Justice Department, People's Daily, CCTV and other 10 news media came to our company for r

            In 2018, Jilin Province Agricultural Sister-in-law co,.ltd welcomed most of its distinguished guests: the deputy director of the Provincial Judicial Department and 10 news media such as People's Daily and CCTV Network came to our company for investigation. Our chief leaders, such as General Sui and General Qi, warmly received visitors and introduced in detail the company's production process, existing products and the domestic, international and Internet markets that have been developed. Our domestic market is mainly large-scale commercial supermarkets in provincial capitals. The international market includes Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Russia, Chile and other countries and regions. At the same time, in order to carry out the implementation of the Internet + policy of the Party Central Committee, the company has hired a professional operation team to set up a number of shops such as the Northeast Nong Sao brand Tmall flagship store, Tmall franchise store, Tmall supermarket, Jingdong flagship store, Jingdong self run shop, etc. at the same time, through the domestic Alibaba (1688) and domestic exhibition, the national investment has achieved remarkable results. In order to open up foreign markets, the company has opened Alibaba International Station online and invested heavily. At the same time, it has also actively participated in international food exhibitions such as Japan, Cologne, the United States and so on, striving to bring healthy corn food to the table of every family.
            After provincial leaders and media friends learned about the company through a series of processes, they affirmed and praised the company's founding of the farmer's wife brand, and also placed great expectations on the company's future development space. Finally, on behalf of all the members of the company, I would like to express my gratitude to your friends for coming. Thank you for your valuable time in the cold winter to come to our company for research.