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  • Bayin chaolu,the leaders of the province and city visited our company for guidance

    In September 18, 2017, In this pleasant season of autumn with brisk air and osmanthus aroma, It is great honored to welcome Bayin chaolu, who is the Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, the director of Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress, and other leaders to our company to guide our work. Our chairman general manager and other important company leaders accompanied visit.Hereon,on behalf of all the staff of Jilin Province  sister-in-law Food Co., Ltd. express our sincere welcome and good wishes to all the leaders for taking your precious time to visit us.



        Jilin Province sister-in-law Food Co., Ltd. is specialized in corn food research and development, production and sales of diversified companies. We insist on building healthy industry and be the best enterprise in china. The leaders of the province and city come to our company for guidance, and thoroughly implemente the new rules of the party central committee "for the people, pragmatic" and promote the policy of supporting the overall development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

         The party secretary has conducted tours and guidance to our company's products, production equipment, safety and sanitation, working environment.During the guided tour, the party secretary has always been so approachable and kindly to staff.At the end of the visit, the secretary gave a high degree of affirmation to the future development of the company and gave a high evaluation of the company's products.


        The presence of the leader is a great honor for the staff, and the leader is very moved by the kindness of all staff,leadership recognition support is the biggest motivation for us and the key to the growth of the company.The future development of the company will be better under the care of the leader.