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Global leading brand of sweet corn

Jilin Northeast Peasant Madame Co., Ltd.

Jilin Northeast Peasant Madame Co., Ltd. is located in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, the No. 1 city of golden corns in China, being mainly engaged in the production of vacuum preserved sweet glutinous corn ears, corn kernels, corn syrup and other corn-related industries. The company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with an advanced management mode and production and processing technologies that comply with export standards, as well as advanced assembly lines and a number of high-tech personnel to ensure product safety. Upholding the core value that “the greatest benevolence is like water, and the highest virtue tolerates all”, the company is aimed to build health businesses and become the best food manufacturer in China, striving for the goal and the mission of bringing better health for human race. With the product development concept of breaking through technologies and exploring research and development, and the strategic thinking of being people-oriented and adopting precise management, the company seeks blessings through virtue, and fortune through righteousness, and upholds the corporate spirit of constant self-improvement and perseverance, in order to benefit customers, help employees to get rich, achieve enterprise development and social progress, and serve the manufacturing industries worldwide, which is the corporate mission of the company. Fully displaying its strength, receiving wealth from all directions and gathering friends from all parts of the world, the people of Northeast Peasant Madame are broad-minded, tolerant to diversity, and promising in the future development. With brilliant achievements and prosperity, we are creating a better future together with partners!

Gongzhuling is located in the central part of Jilin Province, at the heart of the world famous "golden corn belt". The city covers an area of 4028 square kilometers, with 220,000 hectares of arable land, of which more than 90% are planted with corns. The city has a steady annual production capacity of more than 2.3 million tons of corns, ranking first at the county level in the country for many years. It is one of the first state recognized key commodity grain bases and corn export bases. The corn kernels produced in the area have full bodies; the favorable black land resources and suitable climate conditions allow Gongzhuling’s corns to have high yields and good quality, whose protein and other trace elements are higher than those in other provinces and regions, especially the corn starch content which is as high as 72%. To make the corn industry chain bigger and stronger is an important part of the economic development framework of Gongzhuling; the corn economy has become one of the three pillar industries of Gongzhuling.

With its strong research strengths (both Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and National Corn Engineering Center are located in the city) and traffic conditions, Gongzhuling has also become the largest corn seed breeding base and sales distribution center in the Northeast; its surrounding counties are al high-yield corn production areas, with annual production capacities of more than 10 million tons of corns. On September 26, 2011, China’s first Corn Festival was successfully held in Gongzhuling.

The company is located to the west of the New Town Industrial Park, Lingxi District, Gongzhuling. Gongzhuling is located at the center of the three northeastern provinces and in the hinterland of the Songyuan Plain, enjoying a strategic location, and convenient transportation, integrating highways, high-speed railways, and Beijing-Harbin railway and, being fused with the 50km Economic Circle in Changchun, which is 260 kilometers from Harbin, 250 kilometers from Shenyang, 440 kilometers from Yingkou Port, 590 kilometers from Dalian port. The favorable geographical location allows it to be easily accessible to and from all parts of the country.